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Posting your new Zazzle item directly to Facebook

Using IFTTT to autopost your Zazzle Items

So you just got done making an item in your Zazzle store.  The problem?  Nobody knows it’s there!  So you slog your way over to Facebook, navigate to your business page, type in the URL for the item, create a post…oh wait, we haven’t done Twitter yet!  Go to Twitter…blah blah blah, a long and boring process.  If only there was a way to autopost…

But wait, there is!  A free website called IFTTT (If This, Then That) can do it all for you!  And I am going to show you how.  You need two things to do this:

1) A Zazzle store with an item.  Any item.  Your favorite squirrel keychain.  I don’t care.

2) A Facebook page of some sort.  I’ll be posting to my Nature Novelties Facebook Page as an example.

So now that we have the basics, let’s head over to IFTTT.

Creating your first ‘recipe’

So go ahead and sign up for an account. It’s ok, I’ll wait. Got it? Good. If you know something about macros, then this will be cake. If you don’t…it will still be cake.. Back in the old days, ancient coders used an obscure language called BASIC which had many lines like:

IF x=My birthday GOTO Sing copyrighted song

It’s the same sort of thing here. Except BASIC (also known as ‘spaghetti code’) took a million lines of code to do really simple things. IFTTT can do really complicated things with just a couple of mouse clicks from you!

So let’s get started with a recipe. The one I’m going to show you is from Zazzle to Facebook.  After you make an IFTTT account, I believe they make you run through a sample recipe. Just quickly suffer through that, so we can do our own thing.  Throughout these steps, IFTTT will ask you for permission to set things up.   Just go ahead and say yes, and get back to the steps outlined here.

Making Zazzle Play Nice with Facebook

1) Create a Recipe in IFTTT.  Hit the blue button.

Create a Recipe







2) You’ll see the words, ‘If this then that.  This is a completely unnecessary screen, but it’s telling you that we are going to put in the first ‘ingredient’ for our recipe.  Click on ‘this.’

3) Whoa!  Now we have a ton of choices.  Zazzle isn’t in there (yet) so we have to cheat a bit.  Locate ‘Feed’ in the list.  (They are in alphabetical order.)  If you know what an RSS feed is, then you’ve seen this symbol before.  You might not know it, but your Zazzle store has an RSS feed.

Feed icon on IFTTT











4) Add a New Feed Item.

Feed Item Trigger










5) Next, we need to enter the RSS feed for your store.  What is it?  I’m so glad you asked!  If you already know the URL of your zazzle store, then you can create your RSS feed.  If you don’t, then navigate to your store and copy the URL.  Mine is http://www.zazzle.com/naturenovelties.

We are going to change one part of this URL, and add one part.  We are going to change ‘www’ to ‘feed’.  Then we are going to add /rss at the end of the URL.  Your Zazzle store URL should now look like this:


Make sense?  Ok, put this in the trigger box in IFTTT now.  Create Trigger.

Zazzle RSS Feed
My Zazzle store URL changed to RSS


6) So now we see our macro again, which is another fairly useless screen saying ‘If RSS Feed then that.  Click on ‘that’.

7) There are several Facebook icons here.  We want ‘Facebook pages’.

FB pages icon











8)  You have several options here.  We want to ‘Create a Link Post.’

FB Page Link Post







9) This next part is a little weird, but let me explain.  In the Link URL box, we don’t simply want the URL.  We want the item picture, description, etc. to show up.  So we are going to delete EntryURL.  It will stick little protective brackets around itself when you click the box.  Just delete those suckers and make a blank box.

Now we are going to add an ingredient there.  Click on the cross at the end of the Link URL box.  Select ‘Entry Content’ from the dropdown list and click ‘Add Ingredient.’  We are done with that box.

The Message Box is going to display the post that everybody sees on Facebook.  I’ll show you what mine looks like in both places.  First in IFTTT:

Entry Action

Here’s what I put in the message box.  ‘Brand new in #NatureNovelties – ‘  Then I added an ingredient, EntryTitle.  After that, I put an exclamation mark.  Then on the second line, I added the ingredient EntryURL.

Let’s say I just posted an Elk in Field Postcard.   Facebook will post all of that like this:

Elk Postcard
Zazzle item as seen on Facebook














Create Action and you’re done.  I renamed my action ‘ Zazzle to Facebook.’

That’s it!

So now you can add an item to Zazzle and see if your IFTTT recipe works.  It can take quite awhile for FB to post (sometimes several hours) but it WILL post if you did it right.

Good luck and let me know if you have questions.  I have also made a recipe to post to Twitter.  Zazzle posts to both Twitter and Facebook automatically every time I create a new story item.  Best of luck, and let me know about your own creations!